Reducing procurement expense with CADDi Drawer

How does CADDi Drawer allow businesses to save money and workload across design, procurement and production

As the supply-chain landscape evolves with rapid advancements in technology, procurement professionals face the daunting challenge of managing data, particularly the critical asset of drawings. 

But here’s the twist - What if there was a way to efficiently harness the wealth of knowledge embedded in those drawings while negating the loss incurred due to employee turnover? 

CADDi Inc is a global leader in procurement solutions, has an answer: CADDi Drawer.

CADDi Drawer is an innovative AI-powered drawing management SaaS, launched recently and is tipped to be a game changer for procurement professionals.

A solution to knowledge drain in procurement

One of the glaring issues in procurement is the knowledge drain that occurs when seasoned employees leave an organisation. The drawings and purchasing histories they worked with are treasure troves of insights and efficiencies, but often this wealth of knowledge is lost in transition. New team members face an uphill battle as they sift through archives, often recreating what already exists.

CADDi Drawer is more than just a drawing management tool; it’s a knowledge retention solution that ensures continuity. By centralising drawings and cross-referencing them with purchase histories, the software breathes new life into historical data.

The power of machine learning for smart procurement

CADDi Drawer’s machine learning algorithms dramatically cut procurement costs and the laborious hours traditionally spent searching for drawings. By extracting features from drawings and aligning them with past purchasing data, the software transforms legacy information into tangible cost savings.

Imagine having a virtual procurement analyst who sifts through thousands of drawings and extracts the ones that are the most relevant to your current project within seconds! This is exactly what CADDi Drawer offers through its proprietary similarity search function.

Optimising the supply chain

Efficient procurement is at the heart of supply chain optimisation. With faster retrieval of relevant drawings, procurement professionals can make informed decisions, ensuring that sourcing is cost-effective, timely, and aligned with the company’s objectives. CADDi Drawer’s innovation eliminates the need to purchase similar parts from different suppliers at varying costs, optimising budgets and streamlining processes.

Don’t miss the white paper

To understand the full potential of CADDi Drawer and its implications for the procurement industry, you don’t want to miss the company’s white paper. The white paper delves into the challenge of knowledge drain in procurement and presents the myriad ways a centralised database like CADDi Drawer can bolster knowledge retention and foster smart decision-making, reducing manufacturing costs. This is a must-read for procurement and supply chain professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Grab your copy and learn how you can turn historical data into your most valuable asset.

Elevate your procurement with CADDi Drawer: Download the White Paper Here


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